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"Believe in you" Ring

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How do you speak to yourself matters. Feel uplifted with our authentic & original design ring to wear anyday, anywhere & anytime. The bold Elgance collection is made to uplift, inspire, and motivate you with every piece you wear. Each and every ring is water-resistant to follow wherever life takes you, hypoallergenic, and designed to stand the test of time!

With "Believe in yourself" ring, we want to remind you that no matter the difficulty, no matter the obstacles, if you believe in yourself and in GOD everything is possible. This is a daily reminder that God is always on your side, so girl don't ask if your dreams are crazy ask if they're crazy enough!


  • Stainless steel / Gold Plated
  • Hypoallergenic / Water resistant
  • 8mm thick band

Providing you the best products possible is our prority. Our customers make our mission possible, and we will always give our best service to make you happy.

With sincere love, EL.