Here are 2 easy methods that can help you to find your ring size:

A. Measure an existing ring
If you have an existing ring that fits you well, measure the inner diameter. And check the chart below for your corresponding ring size. If your existing ring is between two sizes, we suggest sizing up!

B. Measure your finger
All you need for this method is a pen, a stripe of paper and a ruler. Simply cut out a 10cm long, narrow strip of paper and wrap it lengthways around the finger you would like to wear the ring on. Then mark the end of the overlap with a pen and measure the marked distance with the ruler. The result in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size. For example if the result of your measurement is 54mm your ring size will be 54 for european size and 7 for usa size.

16,50mm / 0.650 inch 6 us / 52 eu
17,30mm / 0.681 inch 7 us / eu 54
17,80mm / 0.700 inch 8 us / eu 56
18,50mm / 0.729 inch 9 us / eu 58 
19,20mm / 0.756 inch 10 us / eu 60